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Title : Plumber at the service department (Plomberie Charbonneau Inc.)

Description :

  • Install, repair and maintain systems located in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.
  • Study plans, drawings and specifications to determine the piping layout for heating systems as well as water supply and drainage systems.
  • Determine the location of pipes and fittings and make openings in walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Measure, cut, bend and tap pipes using hand or power tools or machines.
  • Assemble hoses with fittings, hose clamps, screws, bolts or bonding materials; solder or weld.
  • Install supports, valves, conduits, pumps and control systems.
  • Assemble heating system components such as burners, thermostats, motors, ducts and safety devices and connect to fuel supply and ventilation.
  • Check the watertightness of the systems, maintain them, repair them and put them into operation.

*Work conditions according to the collective agreement.

Title : Project manager (40 hours/week)

Description :

  • Building technicien diploma required.
  • Good knowledge of the construction industry, specifically the plumbing industry.
  • Experience in team management, an asset.
  • Focused on results based management and problem solving.
  • Follow up on shop drawings. 
  • Order and ensure that the team has the required material to complete a specific job. 
  • Manage material inventory and budget.

Titre : Refrigeration mechanic with experience with large pipes

Description :

  • Install, maintain, repair et revise refrigeration installations and commercial, industrial or institutional cooling systems.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance to air-conditioning, refrigeration systems and heating pomps.
  • Install, repair, modify and maintain refrigeration systems and air-conditioning. 
  • Read, analyze and understand plans, shop drawings and other specifications. 
  • Mesure and determine benchmarks for installation.
  • With manual or electrical tools, install and assemble refrigeration elements or cooling systems like enignes, control pannels, gauges, taps, circulation pomps, condensers, humidifiers, evaporators and compressors.
  • Mesure and cut pipes in order to connect them using welding and soldering equipments.
  • Turn on installations and test tightness with proper devices.
  • Recharge installations with refrigerant, control and test regulators, calibrate systems and perform routine maintenance.
  • Repair and remplace components and elements on full refrigeration installations, cooling systems, ventilation, including installation of thermodynamics heating systems. 
  • Install, maintain and repair, refrigerated lorries equipments use to transport food and medical supplies.
  • Prepare estimated cost of work.

*Source CMMTQ

Title: Estimator - Plumbing & Heating

Description: Under the supervision of the Director of Estimation, the employee will be responsible for the following:

  • Quote
  • Development of the request files 
  • Process the statements for the materials 
  • Ensure follow-up with subcontractors and the suppliers 
  • Visit the construction sites (required to process the quote)

Title: Plumbers and apprentice plumbers


  • Install, repair and maintain systems located in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings;
  • Read and analyze plans and shop drawings in order to determine how to dispose heating system pipes, supply system and drainage system; 
  • Determine how to dispose pipes and fittings and open walls, floors and ceilings;
  • Measure, cut, fold and tap pipes with a machine or manual/mechanical tool;
  • Assemble pipes with fittings, hose clamps, screws, bolts and bonding, brazing and weld equipment;
  • Install brackets, valves, ducts, pumps and control systems;
  • Assemble heating system elements like burners, thermostats, engines, ducts, and security devices and make sure power supply is connected with fuel and ventilation;
  • Verify system tightness, maintain, repair and start systems.

Title: Draftsman in building mechanics

Description: Under the immediate responsibility of the project manager and in collaboration with a team of foremen and superintendents, carry out:

  • Surveys and measurements at the site, 
  • Coordination, sleeving and integration plans on Autocad / Revit software, 
  • Monitoring site tasks by applying the quality plan of the company, 
  • The integration of various elements at the site using a robotic total station, 
  • Preparation, technical follow-up and presentation of shop drawings, data sheets and technical questions, 
  • X-rays of elements buried in concrete

Challenge yourself as part of a dynamic team, in a stimulating work atmosphere. On a weekly basis of 40 hours, the workplace will be on a large-scale construction site located in downtown Montreal.


  • DEC in building mechanics or DEP in building design 
  • Health and safety course on construction sites of the ASP 
  • Proficiency in the written and spoken French language 
  • Mastery of Autocad / Revit software 
  • Excel, Word and Ms Project software master 
  • Dynamic and autonomous, demonstrating skills for teamwork
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